Discography: Remix Releases

A different light (2004)

Remix release derived from the original release Licht (2004) on tonAtom.

Featuring reinterpreted versions crafted by Aljen, Store, Sternenspringer, Mizati, Sektor


Release Type: EP 

Label: tonAtom

Catalog Number : [tonAtom.045] 


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Alternative Lifeforms (2003)

(online remix album)


bad comfort - black fish - imaginary landscapes -

herschel krusztofskij - one hit vonda - simon pröll -

projekt minx - store - e.v. stosch -

s. trippler - vast music


from fall 2002 to spring 2003 various both commercial and netlabel artists worked on the remix album "alternative lifeforms", containing the same tracks like the lifeforms-audio-cd but in remixed versions.


free to download from this site. feedback is welcome.

[01] avatar

"avatar (xeroxed)" (06:27)
by simon pröll aka industriemelanismus
contact: simonproell (at) web.de

[02] humandroid

"krusty speaks in tongues mix" (04:25)
by herschel krusztofskij
contact: krusty (at) retinascan.de
herschel krusztofskij appears courtesy of retinascan records

"bad comfort mix" (05:54)
by konrad (bad comfort) behr
contact: bad-comfort (at) rowolo.de
web: rowolo.de
bad comfort appears courtesy of retinascan records

[03] biobotic

"bio"-remix (07:07)
von hans-dieter schmidt a.k.a. imaginary landscape
web: www.imaginary-landscape.de

[04] artificial lifeforms

"black fish rmx"  (05:39)
by max lopp a.k.a. black fish
web: www.black-fish.de

[05] alraune

"remix"  (06:24)
by "emil von stosch" (a.k.a emil klotzsch)
contact: emil-von-stosch (at) gmx.de
web: www.freedonia.de

[06] from ishtar to venus

"back to ishtar remix" (4:05)
by "one-hit vonda"
contact: 1hit (at) mail.austria.com

[07] myon

"one type of lepton remix" (06:24)
by niko riehm a.k.a. vast music
contact: niko (at) vast-music.de

[08] strange planets

"bluescreen remix" (02:36)
by s. trippler
web: trippler.net

"synthetic stars remix"  (06:57)
by niko riehm a.k.a. vast music
contact: niko (at) vast-music.de

[09] timeslide

"wormhole mix" (05:53)
by store
store appears courtesy of retinascan records

[10] hybrid

"hybrid (reminxed)" (06:51)
by projekt minx
contact: grobi (at) projektminx.de
web: electronic everything