xenoton is electronic music between all styles, blending the sounds of the 70s' e.m., the synthpop of the 8os and the early 90s, complemented with ambient, experimental and abstract elements.


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2015 release: Traveller

it took almost two years for xenoton to release "traveller" on tonAtom. but the time was well-spent and matthias reinwarth presents a beautiful, tonAtom-suiting set of tracks, destined to meet existing expectations and to find many new friends. 


the tracks on "traveller" do without striking effects and fashionable frills. instead the listener can expect clean elaborate electro sounds that focus on an aspect that has been put aside in many other places: composition and melodics. the songs deploy these features to tell us about moods that oscillate between wanderlust, homesickness, well-being and mere existence."traveller" is deliberately less percussive and emphasises the narrative facetes of the melodies. which in fact does not keep "ij" or "schanzenviertel" from building on luscious foundation layers, which could even make gorillas grunt contentedly. 


this album, although almost classical at its core, develops its very own modernity. the combination of highly pleasing feel-good components (please note the beautifully reduced beat in "camden lock") and tension-building bass and lead lines develops the typical xenoton charm. (c. buettemeier)